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Our Host Club Solution

Solutions to support you as we work to bring back Acorns.

Acorns has an arrangement with effect from 1st Oct 2022 with two clubs in Crawley either or both of which paid-up Acorns’ members can access – with one or two limitations. The monthly price is just £28 with no joining fees and once you sign up to this scheme we will provide both clubs with your name and you will be able to access both clubs. You will have access to two gyms, a swimming pool with spa facilities, spin and studio classes. Moreover you are likely to see a number of familiar faces! More details about the facilities are given below.

Host Gym Membership Option

If you wish to be included under the Host Club Scheme, then please complete the form below:

I wish to be included under the Acorns Host Club Scheme with effect from...(Required)
I am happy that we offset your Host Club Scheme fee against the amount we owe to you.(Required)
When this credit is exhausted charge the relevant further amounts to you by direct debit.

How is Payment Made?

Most Acorns members are due a refund for the pro-rated portion of their August payments for the month period following the fire that destroyed the club. It is indicated by the club insurers that refunds will be being processed in the first half of October. Acorns will contact its members shortly to explain how refunds are going to be processed. If an Acorns member wishes to be included under the Host Club Scheme then the member can opt for their fee to be deducted from the amount due to them from Acorns, who will then settle the fee amount due to the host clubs on the member’s behalf.

If an Acorns member opts to participate in the Host Scheme from, say the 10th October (or anytime later) then the monthly fee of £28 will be reduced proportionately for the remainder of the month and then any remaining member credit left can be rolled over to the following month. This remaining credit could either be applied to the following month of the Host Club Scheme, or refunded to a nominated bank account, depending on the member’s wishes.

Basic Terms & Conditions

When you inform Acorns of your wish to be included under the Acorns Host Club Scheme then this will be on a rolling calendar month membership basis until you give notice to us.

Payment will either be against the membership credit that exists or by direct debit if there is no member credit.

Acorns members participating in the Host Club Scheme will be enrolled on the scheme until the end of each month and automatically included in the following month unless they give notice to terminate.

Members will need to inform Acorns by 15th of any given month by emailing  if they wish to give notice in order to provide sufficient time to remove them from any direct debit scheme.

If a member has cancelled either their Acorns membership or their direct debits then these will need to be re-activated.

Acorns members enrolling in the Acorns Host Club Scheme will be bound and subject to any Host Club terms and conditions when using their facilities.

How Do I Sign Up & Participate or Ask You a Question?

You will need to email us at to ask us a question and we will respond asap. Or if you wish to be included under the Host Club Scheme, then please state the following information:

  1. Full Name
  2. State that I wish to be included under the Acorns Host Club Scheme with effect from and state the date
  3. Confirm your email address
  4. State that you are happy that we offset your Host Club Scheme fee against the amount we owe to you and when this credit is exhausted charge the relevant further amounts to you by direct debit.

Once you have emailed to us that you wish to proceed we will provide both clubs with you full name and you will be able to visit either or both of them. They both have different accessibility procedures which are described below.

The Clubs

The Europa Hotel, Balcombe Road, West Sussex, RH10 7ZR. Tel 01293 882779

Spindles has a lovely pool that is approximately the same size and depth as the Acorns pool. There is a hot bubbly tub adjacent to the pool and men’s and ladies’ sauna and steam rooms. There are also sun beds at an extra charge.

Opening times:

Weekdays 06.30am – 8pm (last entry 7pm)

Weekends 8am – 6pm (last entry 5pm)

Child swim times (under 16) 10am to 6pm (last entry 5pm)

Children may only swim when accompanied by a responsible adult and cannot use gym, hot tub, sauna or steam room.

There is free carparking at Spindles, though members need to enter their car registration at reception

When an Acorns member goes to Spindles on the first visit, they will need to fill out the Spindles application forms providing usual details, and complete the Spindles medical questionnaire. A membership card will then be issued. This will act as a rolling month 1 month Spindles membership for as long as the member remains under the Acorns Host Club Scheme.

Unit 11,
Denvale Trade Park,
RH10 1SS

Tel:  01293344765

Energie is a state-of-the-art fitness centre with a wide range of modern equipment over two floors. There is a range of spin and other studio classes and personal trainers, one or two of whom you may recognise! You can get a good idea of what they have and look like by looking at their website


  • Although Energie is a 24hour facility, members on the Acorns Host Club Scheme can use the Energie during staffed hours only because a member needs fingerprint access to gain entry and this is only possible for a member with an Energie Direct debt in place.
  • Entry during these times is by the doorbell outside the club. When pressed a member of the team will allow entry.
  • The staffed hours are 6am to 9pm Monday to Thursday, 6am to 8pm Friday, 8am to 1pm Weekends. On weekend afternoons the Spindles gym will be available.
  • Upon entry at Energie, the staff will check the Acorns member against the up-to-date list of members provided by them.
  • In addition, should a member enter the gym when a class is about to take place they can ask to be booked on and that will be facilitated. Class schedules are available from the gym. An Acorns member cannot pre book for same reason as with fingerprint access; access to the booking portal can only be facilitated when a direct debit with Energie is in place.
  • Classes generally have spaces available with the exception of the Yoga classes.


There is some car parking in Denvale Trade Park and you will need to enter your car registration into a tablet when you enter Energie. There is also a large RCP Parking lot immediately adjacent to the club with access off Southgate Avenue and opposite County Mall. If you park there you can get a parking coupon to display in your windscreen from the staff at Energie and then you have nothing to pay.

Just wanted to say you guys have such a good bunch of people who work here. We feel so comfortable here, not something I ever thought I would say being in a gym. I think it’s so important to give praise where it’s due as people are so quick to be negative in life. Keep up the good work guys

Rating: 5

Great friendly club. Never too busy and all the equipment you need. Great social scene as well, been here for 2 years and wouldn’t even consider pining anywhere else.

David Byrd
Rating: 5

Good gym, quiet and not too busy, all modern equipment, great staff, even has a bar.

Barry Roberts
Rating: 5

Fantastic place. Family feel.

Daryl Duncan-English
Rating: 5

Great health centre / gym / Community club. Would definitely recommend.

Scott Taylor
Rating: 5

I’m a new member at Acorns Gym. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Really enjoying the pool and classes. Highly recommend!

Rating: 5
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